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Gold Drawings animal and flower in Nature

Artist Sarah A. Smith , create animated compositions inspired by nature shone with a golden touch. His drawings joint gold foils , corrosive, ink and pencil on paper together , mixed to produce realistic scenes full of texture and detail .

In his large -scale works , Smith explores how our human desire for material things gradually impact on the environment. To generate each piece of copper sulfate to produce by brushing the surface of the metal sheet to an acidic reaction. The images are the result of a chemical process are blurred and corrode the metal along the paper surface. Some Details designed by Photoshop in Apple Mac.

Smith is possible to restore the reaction is not usually red dog years in a natural environment . Through the manipulation of the elements of her work she has demons tered the harmful effects of human intervention on nature may have. "Oxidation shows pollution, decay, transformation of the elements and changes over time." says the artist.

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