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Fantasy-Driven Photography Inspired by Fears and Dreams

Photographer Chiara aka Himitsuhana Fersini captures a sense of liberation, with its dreamy photography portfolio. His images have themes carefree nymph-like in elaborate flowing robes. In some cases, women are elegantly scenes Himitsuhana swept by the breeze, while others drastically clothes planes below is based on a form of its own. The photographer also covers garments patterned wings of feathers or flocks of birds to further accentuate the feeling of freedom.

There is a surreal quality to the photographer growing collection of works that play with different silhouettes of the female form. Himitsuhana combines themes of nature with the human form and its artificially. Whether his images of women in concrete barriers or in an open landscape, which are recordings of fantasy driven by numerous elements that blend their fears, their dreams, their sorrows and joys.

via [Empty Kingdom hp mu06]

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