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New Sony RX1, a Full Frame sensor compact

Historically, Sony has been able to innovate in the world of cameras and photography in general, so surprises as leaked on the web today on devices coming from this Japanese company, not serve to reaffirm its reputation in this field. And the new Sony RX1 has the peculiarity of being a compact camera, but adding a full frame sensor, or Full Frame.

In the picture above you can see clearly that this is not a model of the higher range, but a compact camera, so it's very strange that they have opted for a full frame sensor for this class of device, which makes it more attractive to other models in its range. For those who doubt the veracity of this leak, it should be appreciated that in the ring located between the lens and the camera body clearly reads the phrase: Full Frame CMOS Image Sensor.

Among the other features of this target has a compact 35 mm with f/2.0 aperture, although it is unknown whether the time is fixed or replaceable, however, since it is a compact camera is expected to be a fixed lens. Finally, it has a pop-up flash.

His presentation will be on 12 September, the day on which Sony will show their new bets for the world of photography, and coincides with a major event in the mobile world. Its price is unknown for now, but if the rumors are true, it would cost about $ 3,000, a price affordable to all.

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